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Thermostats are around us every minute of every day, and are one of the most important products in our lives. Thermostats control the comfort of your home as well as nearly half of your home’s energy. With modern technology, you can have complete control of both energy and comfort. You can even put the thermostat in “auto-mode” and enjoy energy savings from automatic setbacks.

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Wireless Remote Sensing

Enjoy greater comfort with the freedom of remotely controlling temperature throughout your home so it can be optimized for one room during the day and another at night. This is an affordable solution that improves comfort with the flexibility to control temperature in one location at a time.

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PTAC Thermostats

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Are you looking for a way to improve the performance and aesthetics of your PTAC unit? Vive offers a wired and wireless solution. Our PTAC thermostats improve the comfort of the room by moving the sensing point away from the air handler to give a more accurate temperature reading. The attractive digital display looks great.

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Wireless Zoning

Experience complete control with the ability to control temperature from all locations in your home independently so that everyone can be comfortable everywhere. This solution minimizes energy consumption by only conditioning rooms that are occupied.

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Vive offers a wide variety of accessories to accommodate installer’s and homeowners needs.