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This module introduces you to important tools and frameworks used by researchers, government agencies, businesses and non-governmental organisations for managing environmental and natural resources for sustainable development. Examples that have been covered in this module previously include Environmental Impact Assessment, livelihoods analysis, climate vulnerability assessment, Geographical Information Systems, participatory decision making and scenarios methods.

International candidates are also actively encouraged to access the University’s International section of our website. This course seeks to provide students with a solid understanding of political ecology theory and to enable them to apply this theory for analysing environment and development problems.

The theme changes each year, but always includes discussion about teaching and learning within College and speakers from the UK and further afield. Each pin on the map represents where our students and alumni live and work and where Loyola faculty have taught, provided professional development, and educational service. The University offers around £1 million of Scholarships each year to support International students in their studies. Scholarships are normally awarded to students on the basis of academic merit and are usually for the duration of the period of study. Please click here for further information aboutfunding for International students.

We own and manage a portfolio of schools and, as a not-for-profit, we invest annually in our programme of education research that informs policymaking around the world as well as our own work. What we do affects how teachers teach, leaders lead and students learn and we help to improve the life chances for all.

After a brief introduction to key theoretical concepts in political ecology, students review key contributions to major policy fields in environment and development. They do this in a series of reading seminars, covering agriculture and biotechnology, climate change, conservation, fisheries, forestry, water management and other fields. You will look at the economic theory relevant to each topic, and how government policies have worked in practice.

The course will appeal to anyone concerned about development issues, government policy and the reduction of poverty using entrepreneurial ideas. How can sustainable development be achieved in a way that both protects the environment whilst pursuing development that benefits the poorest? Often those who benefit least from development projects are most vulnerable to the costs of development, such as pollution of rivers and loss of land, yet they have little say in development decisions.

Practitioners working with children, young people and families are required to constantly make decisions about interventions, consider appropriate approaches, and decide what the ‘right’ thing to do is. This module will support students in reflecting on and exploring how values are formed, why they are important in the work they do, and to identify, critique and reflect on the personal, professional and political values that influence their practice. This module is designed to enable students to acquire a broad academic insight into the theories, principles and expectations relating to the development of children and young people. It examines emotional, physical, social, sexual, moral and cognitive development and the factors that can impact on these. At Education Development Trust, we improve school systems at scale and provide empowering employability and careers services to young people and adults.

Prepare for a career in a range of areas, including educational policy and programming in developing countries, government departments, and national and international development agencies. Watch our video and hear why our Postgraduate students are so pleased they chose UEA’s School of International Development.

Dev American provides you with recommendations for great text books and even a book exchange, where you can buy and sell used books. Career Mosaic offers extensive Visa guidance, as per the guidelines of Mr. Vishnu Sharma, Visa expert of India. We offer professional guidance on various matters related to UK, USA, SWZ, Canada, Australia, New Zeland. Imperial’s annual Education Day is attended by staff and students from across College.

Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated. It was established since last three years Dev American gives you the opportunity to practice your English language skills in many ways. If you’re a beginner, you can start by checking out our vocabulary pages, where you can see, hear, and say new words in English.

The importance of safeguarding and protecting children and young people is reflected in policy and work practices which have shaped the children and young people’s workforce. This module will consider the role of practitioners to safeguard and also to recognise the children and young people who are most at risk.

You will gain confidence and skills in applying and critiquing the leading tools and frameworks used by sustainable development professionals. You’ll be able to choose your optional modules not only from those on offer within the School of International Development, but also from a selection of modules offered by UEA’s School of Education and Lifelong Learning.

Students will engage in debates which evaluate the rights of all children, the risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent in society. Supporting home learning in Rwanda during Covid-19 lockdown In the face of Covid-19, school closures and lockdowns are affecting children all over the world.

You will have an opportunity to experience some of the dilemmas confronting the rural poor through an experiential game. This dev education module will develop students understanding of social policy and its broader impact on the wider children’s workforce.

What You Will Study

The module is taught through workshops and practical sessions, lectures and a study visit within Norfolk. There is an emphasis on putting concepts and tools into practice and understanding how environmental assessments guide management actions.

Not only is tuition free, but students are also compensated for their time at Shopify, which the company says is equivalent to $160,000 CAD (or roughly $110,000 USD) worth of salary, tuition, and vacation over 4 years. The EDU offers a broad spectrum provision that provides a needs-based and timely approach to the educational development of everyone who teaches Imperial students. We offer training based on your own experience and a range of workshops to help you develop your skills. The International Development and Education MA will give you a better understanding of the future of learning.

The module will make connections between political ideologies and values, demonstrating how approaches to social policy are dynamic and change in different times and locations. dev education Students will be provided with an opportunity to evaluate one aspect of social policy that impacts on their own practice within the wider children’s workforce.

The Development and Education of Children and Young People Foundation Degree (FD) is a contemporary qualification which combines theoretical perspectives with the core features of employer engagement, accessibility, progression and partnership. This course runs one night a week over a two year period (with occasional Saturdays). Studying will not cost your employer anything and this is a great chance to improve your knowledge, skills, confidence and employability while you work. Launched in 2016, Dev Degree offers students a four-year accredited computer science degree along with 4,500 hours of hands-on experience. Students split their time between three university courses and roughly 25 hours a week at Shopify, which recently leapfrogged eBay to become the world’s second largest e-commerce platform, behind Amazon.

The number of violent intrastate conflicts has outweighed the number of violent interstate conflicts for more than five decades. Yet it was only with the end of the Cold War that academics and policy-makers started paying more attention to the possible causes and consequences of large-scale intrastate violence. Today, questions of effective conflict management, especially of large-scale civil wars, are among the top priorities of international development agencies. The aim of the Conflict, Civil Wars and Peace module is to critically assess the possible causes and consequences of violent intrastate conflicts as well as their implications for the wider development agenda. You will also examine international and national policies and practices, with the aim of developing the capacity to contribute to appropriate policy design for educational development.

The purpose of social policy will be discussed and the concepts and processes that are involved in the policy making process explored. The extent to which social and political factors influence the treatment of children and families will be considered.

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