Wireless Capability


Vive™ offers an easy and affordable solution to enhance comfort by controlling home and office temperatures remotely. By adding up to four remote sensors to the wireless thermostat, temperatures can be set one room at a time or by averaging each space. Plus, installation is simple and very cost effective, saving time and money.

Our wireless thermostats* incorporate a modern touchscreen interface. They can be located anywhere around the home or office with the addition of up to 4 wireless remote sensors (TP-Z-ROSW Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor* and TP-Z-RISW Wireless Indoor Temperature Sensor*). Plus, Vive™ products give complete control over humidity levels for increased comfort and energy savings.

Whether you’re remodeling or looking for enhanced quality and comfort, Vive™ is the low cost solution for PTAC and Hospitality applications. Designed with 2-speed fan control, a large backlit display and easy-to-use controls, we offer a premium wireless thermostat to work with both heat pumps and conventional systems.

TP-N-631W Wireless PTAC Digital Thermostat
TP-S-955WH Wireless Universal Digital Residential Thermostat with Touchscreen
Wireless Products & Accessories

*All wireless products operate with a range of up to 100 feet without obstructions. A maximum range of 50 feet is recommended for standard residential construction. Use our TP-W150W Wireless Repeater to increase wireless distance.

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