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  • Configurable for local temperature or system average
  • Convenient to mount
  • Attractive, low-profile design




Accessory for TP-S-955WH
Battery Powered
  • Wireless indoor temp sensor
  • Accessory for TP-S-955WH (required and sold separately)
  • 3 mounting options: desktop, removable wall mount, permanent wall mount
  • Configurable for ambient sensor only or sensor and set point
  • Connect up to 4 indoor remotes to a TP-S-955WH
  • Battery powered
  • Also used with the TP-Z-955W for zoning control




  • Displays outdoor temperature on thermostat
  • User selectable balance point
  • Wired balance point for heat pumps
  • Stainless steel weatherproof case





Accessory for TP-S-955WH
Battery Powered
  • Wireless outdoor remote sensor
  • Accessory for TP-S-955WH (TP-S-955WH required and sold separately)
  • Displays outdoor temperature on TP-S-955WH
  • User selectable balance point
  • Wireless balance point for heat pumps
  • Weatherproof case
  • Battery powered
  • Also used with the TP-Z-955W for zoning control





Repeat signal for wireless thermostat, remotes and zoning system
Wireless repeater adds distance to wireless signal
Simply link to the device you wish to have repeated and it will repeat the signal
It will essentially double your range
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to connect





Connect up to 2 Heat, 2 Cool conventional
Up to 3 Heat, 2 Cool heat pump
Wireless or Hardwire

Great for many applications:

  • Make any thermostat wireless (up to 2h/2c conventional or 3h/2c heat pump)
  • Add wires to condensing unit
  • Add wires for a multistage system
  • Anywhere wiring is difficult

Replaces 24 VAC wiring –┬áSimply connect the terminals on one module and when those terminals see 24V then the same terminals on the other module close.



  • Protects TP-WCTO from weather
  • Non-metallic design
  • Manufactured from PVC or PPO thermoplastic molding compound
  • Foam-in-place gasket lids attached with stainless steel screws
  • UL Listed with NEMA 6P rating per Section 314, exception of the National Electrical Code



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